How do I place an order?

You can start your order by selecting the “shop now” button on the top left of your screen!


Do you match the price of other companies offering custom packaging solutions?

Yes we do! We take pride in our ability to offer small businesses the ability to enhance the presentation and branding of their products. Please contact us at and we can work something out!


What is the minimum order quantity?

  • Paperboard Cartons

The minimum quantity for paperboard cartons depends on the printing option that you prefer. The minimum quantity for plain boxes (no print and no foil) is 10 boxes. The minimum quantity for custom print and/or foil-topped cartons is 500.


  • Rigid (setup) Box

The minimum quantity for plain (no print and no foil) rigid boxes is 10. The minimum quantity for custom print and/or metallic foil is 500 units.


  • Mailer Box

The minimum quantity for mailer boxes does not depend on your printing options. The minimum quantity for all mailer boxes is 250 units!


Do you sell white boxes?

Of course. Select the style of packaging you require, box size, and select ‘no print’ and ‘no foil’. What you get is a nice matte laminated box at very competitive prices.


Do you offer other sizes not listed on your store?

Yes we do! For custom sizes of products offer on our web visit our “Custom” page and fill out the general information for your packaging needs and we will provide you with a quote as soon as possible!


Do you offer other packaging solutions?

Yes we do! If your product requires a unique type of packaging not listed on our store, send us a detailed email describing your product and the type of packaging you desire!


Do you offer discounts on bulk orders?

Yes! The price of all our products changes depending on how many boxes you order. The larger the quantity ordered the cheaper the price per box!


Do you offer more than 5,000 quantities?

Yes we do! We offer very impressive prices for quantities exceeding 5000 units.


Does Lenora Packaging offer color matching?

Yes we do! Lenora Packaging offers pantone color matching and high quality offset lithography printing with state of the art printers!



Are the dimensions listed for inside the box or outside the box?

All of our dimensions are given as inside measurements to make it easy for you to determine which size would fit your product better! The dimensions are provided as: Length * Width * Depth.


What is your refund/exchange policy?

Lenora Packaging cannot provide refunds or exchanges due to customer dissatisfaction with the finished product or customer errors. It is the responsibility of our customers to check that all the details are accurate and that the product being ordered is what the customer wants, prior to submitting an order.


If an error is made on Lenora Packaging’s end or our manufacturers or damages during the shipping process, please contact us right away and we will remake or refund some or all of the order. All units of the products being refunded or remade must be sent back to Lenora Packaging prior to the refund or remake processed at the cost of the customer.


How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Generally it takes 4 – 7 weeks after you check out for your packaging to reach its destination. The delivery time depends on the location of your business and the availability of nearby qualified manufacturers.


Do you accept international orders?

Yes we accept international order! Lenora Packaging’s strategic partnerships with the best designers and manufacturers all around the world enable us to offer our products to businesses all over the world!


Where will my order ship from?

Orders ship directly from our network of manufacturers around the world. Depending on the products you order and where you are located your order may ship from a variety of locations.



Can I ship a mailer box without using any other external packaging?

Yes you can! Our customers ship their products in their mailer boxes and report that the boxes arrive in great condition while keeping the products safe inside!


I would like to re-order the same box style, size, and printing options I have bought before. Is this possible?

Yes, just save the dieline PDF of your box with your desired artwork attached. When re-ordering, simply select the style of box you are looking for and select the options you would like to add to your box and submit your custom dieline PDF file!